Waterglyph milky way2

This past weekend I visited this petroglyph, known as a waterglyph, along the Utah/Arizona border.

The nigh was frigid and the landscape was desolate. I didn’t see another living soul the entire time. However, it seemed as if at one time this was an important place, a place where things occurred.

The petroglyph points straight east to where the sun would rise and for me the rising moon, as seen sitting in the core of the milky way.

Places like this need to be kept as the are, far from city lights, and the noise of roads. We need places like this that allow us to have one foot in this world and one foot in the other.

This is my first photo in this style of this year. Hopefully more will follow. However, It’s a challenge to do many in this theme.

Driving, finding the sites… Then trying to photograph the site in a way that I can be sure not to damage it. This usually involves predicting composition in the daylight, setting up the camera and leaving everything in place until the appropriate time.

Sometimes I’ll program the camera to take photographs at a specific time, especially if I don’t feel comfortable or if it seem disrespectful to be bumbling around at night. Other times I’ll return at a certain hour and take the photo.

Usually these photos consume an entire weekend and I usually come away with a single image, sometimes two.


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