Ancient art, the night sky and light.


Just south of the border of Utah and Arizona lies this petroglyph. Not too far from some high voltage powerlines, but alone in the desert.

No trail or cairns take you here. A small two track road, which I foolishly drove my old van down, passes by a few hundred feet away. This road lacked any tire tracks, no vehicles had passed since whenever the previous rain fell.

Maybe most people think there is just nothing to see out here. But things are out here. The entire desert across the southwest is strewn with memories of the ancestors of people alive today.

These lands need to be protected and remembered.

Next month on April 21, I will be participating in an Earth Day Market in Salt Lake City with Wild Earth to raise funds for the Friends of Cedar MesaVisitor Center. Their mission is to educate people how to visit the land around Cedar Mesa with respect. They strive to preserve the memories encased in the precious landscape of the Bears Ears


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