Stone Hand

After some climbing in Idaho at the City of Rocks this weekend we walked past this formation.

It reminded me of the Hand of the Desert sculpture in the Atacama Desert in Chile by Mario Irarrázabal.

I’ve always loved the imagery of the hand reaching from the desolation into the vastness of the sky beyond our atmosphere, pointing to the immensity from where everything originated. 

I awoke around 12:30am and hiked back to the rock. I arrived too early, before the rising of our galaxy’s center.

For 45minutes I waited in the darkness, hunched from the wind and allowing my pupils to fully dilate.

Soon I saw the light from thousands of years ago meekly illuminating the bushes and stones.

A single bright meteor flashed green across the sky as it’s extraterrestrial nickel burned up. 

Soon the galaxy became visible. Jupiter brightly sitting in the Dark Horse Nebulae. 

With only the starlight as a guide I hiked the mile back to my warm sleeping bag.

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